Silent-H Ranch is a small family run business in Rush, Colorado.  We sit on the Western edge of the Great Plains with plenty of open sky, a view of Pike’s Peak  and vast openness.  We’re not “in the middle of nowhere”, but you can see the exit from here.

Why Silent-H?  This a is running gag between the wife and I.  In her accent (no, she’s not originally from Colorado) the “H” in most words doesn’t get pronounced often.  Things like ‘erbs, ‘ello, ‘ealing…. and so on.  We have a tendency to just say “the H is silent”, but that’s a secret, so … sssss (see what we did there?  The “H” is silent).  So there you go!

Our goal is to provide quality sauces made with natural ingredients and sourced as locally as possible.

Please feel free to take a look around the store for something that suites your fancy.

We’ll be adding video blogs soon with sauce tips and more information about the projects on the ranch, so check back with us from time to time!

– Tim the Saucerer